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ANTHR 101: Introduction to Social/Cultural Anthropology
ANTHR 203: Contemporary Anthropological Theory
ANTHR 327: Hmong Diaspora: Culture, History and Language
ANTHR 341: Ethnonationalism and Southeast Asia
ANTHR 430: Moral and Ritual Institutions
ANTHR 431: Kinship and Gender
ANTHR 439: Psychological Anthropology
ANTHR 440: The End of the World (as we know it)
ANTHR 442: Ethnographic Research Designs and Methods
ANTHR 443: Ethnographic Data Analysis
ANTHR 490R: Visual and Sonic Anthropology
ANTHR 499: Ethnographic Writing
ANTHR 503: Graduate Contemporary Theory
ANTHR 541: Southeast Asia / Southwest China Seminar
ANTHR 590R: Graduate Seminar (Special Topics)

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