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The course Twitter feed and tweets using relevant hashtags can be read on this page. Below the feeds you will find media relevant to the course that Dr. Hickman has posted for your viewing pleasure.

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Some brief tips on using Twitter in Anth101:

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@byuanthro101 Twitter feed

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Tweets with #cultureiscomplicated

#cultureiscomplicated tweets over the last few weeks

Tweets with #byuanthro101

#byuanthro101 Tweets

Cool videos related to class and stuff...What are you here for?videoAnthropologist Michael Wesch speaks on 'The End of Wonder in the Age of Whatever' from the University of Kentucky CELT on Vimeo.

A Playlist of Ethnographic Films About Hmong

This playlist of videos comes from Ethnographic Video Online
(click the next or previous button to go to the next or previous video)
Or, you can view the whole playlist here.

Interview with author Joseph Webster

In this interview, Joseph Webster answers questions posed by students in the course Twitter feed, summarized and presented by Jacob Hickman.

Interview with anthropologist Amy Sousa

In this short interview, Amy Sousa describes how applied anthropology is used by major tech companies like Microsoft and Google.

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