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You will need to purchase the folowing books or get access to them through the library at the links below: ​ Cassaniti, Julia. 2015. Living Buddhism: mind, self, and emotion in a Thai community. Ithaca: Cornell University Press. Ebook through library (unlimited): Physical copy in library: ​ ​ Fein, Elizabeth. 2020. Living on the spectrum : autism and youth in community. New York: New York University Press. Ebook through library (unlimited): ​ ​ Luhrmann, T. M. 2022. How God becomes real : kindling the presence of invisible others. Princeton: Princeton University Press. Ebook through library (multiple): ​ ​ Nuckolls, Charles W. 1998. Culture: a problem that cannot be solved. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press. Ebook through library (unlimited): ​ ​ Shweder, Richard A. 2003. Why do men barbecue?: Recipes for cultural psychology. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press. Physical copy in library:

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