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Anthr 101 General Education fufillment


This course is certified to fulfill two GE requirements:

1. Global and Cultural Awareness
2. Social Science

Learning Outcomes for the Global and Cultural Awareness GE requirement:

1.  Students will acquire informed awareness of a) a culture other than the student’s primary (or most familiar) culture, or b) the interplay of multiple cultures, languages, and/or nations.
2.  Students will engage in thoughtful reflection of that informed awareness in a structured, guided manner under the direction of a faculty member, as evidenced by student written or spoken analyses (often involving comparison) in consideration of a culture, multicultural interplay, or global issue.
3.  Students will develop greater empathy and charity as they gain a broader perspective and learn to see themselves from another’s point of view.


Learning Outcomes for the Social Science Requirement:

Having completed this requirement, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the basic scientific principles which undergird the scientific process, including the strengths and weaknesses of this process.

  • Appreciate the excitement of discovery that has accompanied important scientific developments.

  • Demonstrate how scientific methodology can be used to analyze real-world science-related problems.

  • Evaluate scientific data and claims in order to make rational decisions on public-policy science issues that affect their community

  • Express their thoughts (in oral, graphical, and written formats) on scientific topics clearly, including appropriate use of basic scientific vocabulary and effective interpretation of quantitative data.

  • Reflect rationally upon the interface between science and religion.

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